Barefoot in Belgium

Note: For those of you who are following my blog purely because it is a blog about books and the world of publishing, I’m warning you now that for the next two months it will temporarily be turned into a travel blog detailing my adventures in Brussels, Belgium. 

There are many things that I had hoped to learn during my time spent abroad, and breaking in a new pair of shoes before going to work was not one of them. Before I get into all the cool stuff I’ve seen thus far, let me tell ya a little bit about my day. First off, I thought that breaking in a new pair of shoes only applied to heels — not flats. Well, I learned the hard way, and the skin on the heels of my feet started rubbing off about halfway through my walk to work.

This summer I am interning at the U.S.-European Media Hub and after having my first day at work, I couldn’t be more excited! But due to the shoe situation, my morning was unbearable. An employee in the office was so nice to me and walked me over to the U.S. embassy to get my security badge, but at this point I had started to limp. I seriously considered taking my shoes off while in the embassy, but I didn’t until we sat down for a few minutes. My employee friend spoke English, but not extremely well, so I don’t think he really understood me when I tried to explain how badly my feet hurt and then he proceeded to take me on what felt like the world’s longest tour of the embassy, introducing me to every employee in the damn building as I walked at a snails pace behind him (he probably thinks I’m extremely slow all the time).

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